Sunday, February 4, 2018

Jesus Time
We have started to work through our Ministry Gospel Model.  The students are learning how they can talk about Jesus through colors.  We went through our first color which is black.  You may want to take a moment and ask your child what black stands for in our Jesus Time.

Post Office
For the past two weeks we have been working through a unit on the Post Office.  Children are learning the process for how our mail is delivered.  They have even learned what a mail carrier is reading on an envelope in order to deliver your mail.  For our class, we are simply writing who the mail goes to in the center of the envelope and who it is from in the upper left hand corners.  Students also learned the reason for a stamp is to pay for our mail to be delivered.

Students worked together to paint our class mailbox blue.

Each students also made a mailbox where their mail is delivered each day.

Students have been working hard to make mail for their friends.

Students purchase their envelopes for $.05 and stamps for $.03.

We watched a tour of the Post Office through a video on our smart board.
Students rolled a die and then wrote this number on the graph.  Fun way to practice writing numbers.

Students were playing a memory match number game through 20.

Students worked with pennies.

Students worked with a balance by putting in pennies to see how much their package would cost.

They also compared packages on the balance.

Language Arts
Naturally we doing a plethora of writing with this unit so we can make mail for our friends. However, we have also been working with letters and writing in other ways as well.

Students are matching lowercase word mail to their capital letter envelope.

Students practiced writing letters and numbers on ipads through a letter writing app.

School to Home Connections
1.  Be sure you are reading to your children often.  But within your reading, ask questions to help them start working through comprehension concepts.
2.  Have your child work on school responsibility and if they are not already carrying in their own things, I would encourage you to have them carry in their own backpack, coat, and lunchbox.  It helps them to get ready for entering Kindergarten.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Jesus Time
The students have been studying the time into the young Jesus.  We studied the story of Jesus as a young boy.  He knew his purpose on earth eaven as a child.  Therefore, when they went to celebrate the Passover in Jerusalem, Jesus spent extra time in his Father's house (the temple).  This is not a story about Jesus disobeying his parents, but rather an important story about Jesus obeying his Heavenly Father.
We then had the chance to learn about baptism through the story of Jesus' baptism.  This is a wonderful time to take out pictures and discuss your child's baptism.  We do recognize not all children have been baptized.  Therefore, I did tell the children to look forward to the day they have the opportunity to be baptized.  Our discussion focused more on the fact that you need 2 important ingredients for baptism.  Both water mixed with God's word.

We did a very short time with snowmen last week.  It was short week back to school so we wanted to do a small unit to get us back into the groove of school.  Here are some of those activities last week.

Snowman Placemat
The students made a snowglobe we are using as their winter placemat for snack.

Snowman Puzzle
Puzzles are wonderful for students in order to work on spacial connections.

Snowman Dice Activity
Using a key, students would roll a die and then add the matching feature to their snowman.

Snowman Controlled Writing
Students control their writng tool in order to trace a snowman and its pieces.

Body Unit
Before Christmas a student asked if we could learn about how our bodies work.  Also, many students have talked about how fast their heart is beating after they run.  Therefore, I felt this was a valuable unit for us to study.  We began the unit discussing bones.  

Students worked to put the bones together in order to build a skeleton.

Some student wanted to compare their size to the skeleton.

Students built their skeletal bodies.

Students worked as Archeologists to find the bones and put them together.

Dr.'s Office
Student have been working in a Dr.'s Office.  Sometimes they are the patient and sometimes they are the Dr.  Within playing the Dr.'s office, students are gaining so many various skills. 


Dressing problem solving

Care and empathy for a patient. 
(Here they wanted the patient to be comfortable so they are creating a pillow for him)

Communication mixed with filling out a report.

We also learned about teeth and how to care for our teeth.  Students created a mouth full of teeth, and they created a brushing chart to use at home.  We also learned about the good foods for our body and teeth to stay strong.

Students had to control their glue to make dots in order to put their teeth in the mouth.

Students watched a video by Crest which talked about how to take care of your teeth and why we need to brush and floss our teeth.

Students worked with numbers 5-12.  They would spin and then brush away that number on their tooth.  

Capital and Lowercase Letter Recognition
The letter generator on the smart board brought up a lowercase letter.  Students loooked for capital letter on their teeth and brushed away the gunk from that letter.

Our sins are washed away and we are made clean because Christ gave His own body as a gift to God.
Hebrews 10:10