Monday, September 10, 2018

Jesus Time:
We began the year with a discussion of the Bible.  The students were taught the Bible is the word of God.  There are two parts to the Bible. The Old Testament are events that ocurred in the world before Jesus was born.  The New Testament are events that were recorded after Jesus was born.

The past two weeks we worked through creation.  Children were able to learn that only God could make the world because he simply said and it was so.  One of the most interesting pieces to God's creation was that God made light before he made the sun, moon, and stars.  

Another fantastic realization is that God did not simply speak to create man, but rather he took the extra time to make Adam out of dirt and breathed His own breath into him.  God then put man in charge of taking care of the world He made.

You can enjoy more of the creation story through Genesis 1-2.

Discussion Ideas with your Children:
1.  What do you like most from God's creation?
2.  Do you think God still creates today?

Bubbles Unit
Our first unit this year was the Bubbles Unit.  It was a short one week unit that allowed us to get started.  We learn through units which allow us to bring in the math, language arts, science, etc.  This unit was  based on questions concerning bubbles.

If you blow into a triangle, what shape would your bubble be?
The students had the opportunity to test various shapes in order to see what their bubble shape would be.  The discovery was a bubble always ends up being a sphere (a new word we learned).

Can you catch a bubble?
Although we did not catch them in our hands, the students did have the chance to catch colored bubbles on paper.  They blew colored bubbles using a straw and then placed their paper on the bubbles, which allowed them to leave the colored bubble shapes on their paper.  Some of us loved this so much we came back twice.

Students were given the opportunity to make a Bubble Number Book.  They each traced the number and then stuck that many bubble stickers on each page. 

Language Arts
Students were given the opportunity to study the letters L and F over the past two weeks.  We are working through a program called Handwriting without Tears to learn our letters this year.  The students have the chance to read a story about the letter, search for the letter, learn to write the capital and lowercase form of the letter, and worked on the phonics with the letter.  

The students did their first writing activity.  They drew a picture and told how to finish the sentence for their writing page.  The writing was ________________ was floating in my bubble.

Ideas to Help Get Ready for Kindergarten:
1.  Have your child carry in their own backpacks and put their own things away each day.
2.  Give your child a couple of basic chores around the house.  Examples would be to help set the table for dinner, making their bed (don't expect it to be perfect), matching socks or folding the washclothes and towels.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
Genesis 1:1